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Welcome to Mister Mart!

Use the Leap Motion controller and the Oculus Rift to enter the world of Mister Mart! You play the role of a customer service representative at a bad grocery store. Because it's such a bad grocery store, all the customers are returning their purchases! Use your hands to place the items into the return bin, and punch annoying customers to get them away from your desk. Try to get the highest score and keep your stress level down by returning items and getting rid of customers as fast as possible.

Wecome To Mister Mart! from Studio217 on Vimeo.

Install instructions

The current build version posted here on itch.io is from 9/26/2016. We are currently working on a fresh build for SteamVR.
Feel free to play this older version as a sort of pre-alpha demo! Stay tuned. :)

Mister Mart is currently optimized for the CV1(with the latest updates) and for Leap Motion's Orion software.

Make sure to mount the Leap Motion onto the Oculus!
If you have any questions, please email us at: studiotwoseventeen@gmail.com

Thank you for playing, have fun!
Karen M Chang & Cole Pritchard (Studio217)

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This is great! Looking at the demo video, DK1 and Leap motion to create that level of immersion with hand controllers.. this game was ahead of its time. Hey if there's a oculus touch version of this, I'd like to play it!

Thank you! <3 Your support and enthusiasm means a lot to us! We currently have it optimized for CV1 and Leap, but we are in the works for an Oculus Touch version!
And we'll most likely be updating to Steam Greenlight/Direct (steamcommunity.com/id/Studio217) and post onto Twitter (@studio_217) for news. :D